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The tournament will be held under the PDGA Europe C-Tier standards.
Do not ingest alcohol or drugs before, during and between rounds. *Smoking is ONLY allowed with the consent of other players in the group - Be aware that smoking is prohibited in the area of Fredtoften..
Do not litter - there are trash cans in various places both at Eghjorten and at Fredtoften - trash bags are available upon request.
The participant field is max. 90 players. Registrations are confirmed in the order payment is received.
All requested divisions will be created - at minimum MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, MJ18, FA1, MA1 and MA3. There will be prizes for all divisions with at least 4 participans and MJ18, where there are prizes at at least 2 players.
Participants in MPO, MP40 and MA1 will play from white tees (long). Everyone else will play from yellow (medium) tees.
18 holes will be played at Eghjorten and after that 18 holes at Fredtoften. There will not be any finals. If one or more players are tied for 1st place in any division with prizes, sudden death will be played on hole 1 and 2 repeatedly at Fredtoften until a winner has been found in every division with ties.
At the Eghjorten course, there are different pin placements for several of the holes. The Caddie book will list which placements are being used during the tournament.
At Fredtoften all divisions will play hole 7 from the white tee and hole 8 from the yellow tee, to minimize intereference with hole 4.
Until 1 week before the tournament, your deposit will be returned in case of cancellation. After this, any player that might be on the waiting list will be able to take over your payment.
Film and photoes might be shot during the tournament. These can be used for promotion of future tournaments and disc golf in general.